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Powder coatings are types of coating that are made by evenly mixing solid thermosetting resin, hardener, pigment and additives. After the mixing process, these chemicals are dissolved, ground and filtered. They are environmentally-friendly coatings that do not use any volatile solvents for liquid coating, such as organic solvents or water. It is easy to work with powder coatings as they are applied to a substrate as a powder. In addition, powder coatings are widely used across many industries thanks to its easy cleaning and economic benefit of reusing remaining coating. PAKMEL, JEVISCO's powder coatings, are being recognized for its excellence in many applications, including consumer electronics, such as refrigerators, washing machines and gas ranges; applications requiring high adherence and rust resistance, such as pipes, inner structural steel frames, rebars and metal parts; and applications requiring superior durability, such as automotive parts.

Product Range

Interior Coatings

  • Thermosetting coatings using pure epoxy and polyester
  • Excellent adherence and coating workability
  • Outstanding chemical and rust resistance

Exterior Coatings

  • Thermosetting coatings made of polyester resin and hardener
  • Excellent weather resistance
  • Hardener TCIG and TGIC-free coating

Functional Coatings

  • Excellent bacteria and mildew resistance
  • Outstanding electric insulation and flame resistance
  • Remarkable corrosion prevention and concealment

Special Effect Coatings

  • Excellent metallic texture
  • Outstanding leather pattern texture
  • Remarkable sand pattern texture
  • Superlative cubic effects
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