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  • Architectural Paints

    JEVISCO creates safe and beautiful residential spaces with eco-friendly paints which are realized in many ranges of colors. Our products also offer weather resistance, anti-pollution and anti-bacterial functions. Furthermore, with the addition of minimized VOCs, emissions of far-infrared rays and anions, we provide a unique value to customers.

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  • General Industrial Coatings

    JEVISCO offers solutions for every industrial need with our high-end technology and a diverse range of products, such as automotive wheels, heavy equipments, home appliances, steel tanks and wood furniture.

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  • Powder Coatings

    JEVISCO’s eco-friendly powder coatings are applicable to all sorts of final goods, such as, home appliances, automotive wheels, steel pipes and structural iron. The latest bonded metallic powder coating has less blocking and stains when recycling.

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  • Wood Coatings

    JEVISCO’s wood coatings protects the surface of products and enhances the mood of the indoor space, and is used for wooden furniture including built-in furniture and wooden flooring. The quality has been recognized from supplying to top furniture producers.

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  • Packaging Coatings

    JEVISCO’s Packaging Coatings are at keeping the contents safe and hygienic, so much so that it has acquired the BPA free certificate. We provide great workability, drying speed and retort resistance. JEVISCO supplies to all major domestic can makers exclusively and has succeeded in the localization of packaging for food cans.

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  • Coil Coatings

    JEVISCO coil coatings when applied to roof materials, sandwich and wall panels have excellent workability and durability with no cracking or peeling during the process. We are receiving acclaim for our excellent quality from major steel companies in the country.

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  • Marine & Protective Coatings

    JEVISCO manufactures high performance marine and protective coating products with excellent seawater-resistance, chemical resistance and weather-resistance to protect valuable social infrastructures as well as industrial facilities

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  • Automotive Refinish

    JEVISCO developed automotive refinish coatings for the first time in Korea and we have positioned ourselves as a market leader in domestic automotive refinish coatings through our advanced technological know-how.

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