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Coil coatings are used on construction panels for building interiors and exteriors, including plants, warehouses and offices and doors, side panels, bodies and back panels of various home appliances in order to provide excellent durability and a beautiful appearance.

JEVISCO succeeded in developing an SUS exclusive appliance coating that provides luxurious design with excellent hardness and machinability as well as high distinctness of image gloss (DOI) and is participating in a new product development project of a global appliance leader. In particular, our premium environmentally-friendly water soluble acrylic coatings are the world's leading product that provides excellent hardness and aesthetic appearance, thereby satisfying customer expectations.

Product Range

Home Appliance

  • Highly functional (anti-contamination, corrosion resistant, chemical resistant and scratch resistant), heavy metal-free and environmentally-friendly product ranges
  • Moldable in various forms due to superior processability and adherence
  • Retain Various colors and high image sharpness technology to guarantee aesthetic appearance
  • Product excellence shown through a proven delivered-goods track record with global customers

Building Panels

  • Protect materials from external environments with superior adherence, machinability and corrosion resistance
  • Display constant texture and three-dimensional effects on the surface of materials with various color and high image sharpness technology
  • Certified products that show environmentally-friendly and cost reduction
  • For more information on these products, please refer to our e-Catalogue. e-Catalogue +
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