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Create the history of the Korean paint and coatings industry

For over 75 years, JEVISCO has provided the basis of the life from the birth to the Korean modern world economy. From humble beginnings as a small paint shop at Busan in 1945, today we have established the brand of JEVISCO, known as the most trusted and innovative paint and coatings provider in Korea.

Offer the complete product line of paint and coatings- Architectural, Automotive, Industrial, and Marine and Heavy-Duty industry

We strive to provide the highest value from our best expertise for our respected customers. To ensure continued success in resolving everyday challenges and technical difficulties of our customers, JEVISCO, invariably provides total solutions to meet the current needs and future ventures. Our passion for technology to sustainably improve life in many areas continues with our core value of ‘Victory in Workmanship’.

The symbolic meaning of JEVI- strength, agility, intelligence and fortune

JEVI, the Korean pronunciation of swallow, is more than just a bird. It is the symbol of strength, agility, intelligence and fortune. Our brand name, JEVISCO, imbued with positive attributes of the symbol represents our corporate culture. We strongly stands on our brand and its values in creating profitable and sustainable business along with our customers.

History of JEVISCO Logo

  • 1952~1983
  • 1983~2015.12
  • 2015.12~

JEVISCO’s Promise

  • 1) We Are Professional

    We are the market leader with over 75 years of expertise in the paint and coatings industry.
    Our desire to create the highest standards in product in an ethical and environmental way continues based on our innovative technology solutions and services.

  • 2) We Think about the Environment

    We strive to be an environmentally respectful company. Our commitment to environmental stewardship continues to create a safer and healthier world for all with eco-friendly technologies and greener products.

  • 3) We Deliver Happiness

    We work to inspire happier lives for all of our customers. Our passion to satisfy customers’ needs with superior quality and service, simply never stops and constantly improves to create ultimate customer experiences.

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