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Industrial coatings are used on a broad range of applications using various materials, such as steel, nonferrous metal and plastic, including industrial machinery, automobiles and home appliances to protect their surfaces and create aesthetic exteriors. JEVISCO provides customers with a broad range of industrial coating solutions of the highest quality.

Our plastic coatings are being used in 3D theater screens of a domestic major company, being recognized for its excellence. We are also developing ferrous/nonferrous coatings that prevent corrosion of metalic materials and come in various colors to meet market trends as well as high quality, high functional, environmentally-friendly coatings and resins for special applications, providing eco-friendly high quality coatings and realizing customer satisfaction.

Product Range

Plastic Coatings

  • Various application methods according to composite substrates
  • Enhance durability and weather resistance to plastic materials
  • A wide range of color palettes and high functionality to protect interior/exterior of plastic

Aluminum Wheel Coatings

  • Proved its excellent mechanical and chemical properties to large domestic and global automakers
  • Develop color solutions that meet the latest trends through a differentiated color development system
  • Prevent material corrosion and provide various functions
  • Realize visual aesthetics of automotive wheels

Metal & Non-Metals Coatings

  • Prevent corrosion of metal & non-metal and improve interior and exterior durability
  • Protect metal & non-metal and enhance aesthetics through various colors
  • Excellent durability and coating formation

Wood Coatings

  • Product ranges including UV and PU Coating are applicable to the most challenging conditions based on our in-depth know-how and technology optimized for industrial use
  • A portfolio consisting of various products of excellent adherence, workability and functionality (insect resistant, antiseptic, water-repellent, flame-retardant and scratch resistant)

Electric Insulation Coatings

  • Form a coating of excellent electric insulation
  • Outstanding electrical properties with superior thermal stability

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

  • Reliable and non-toxic on skin with strong adhesion
  • Remarkable transparency and high tackiness (Removable type)
  • High shear resistance and durable adhesive

Polyurethane resin for leather & fabric coatings (Urevon™)

  • Superior tensile strength and remarkable flexibility
  • Excellent reputation around the world for its performance, supplied to global clothing and shoes brand
  • For more information on these products, please refer to our e-Catalogue. e-Catalogue +
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