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Automotive refinish coatings are a functional coating formulated to be used on damaged surfaces of automotive exteriors in order to restore them, realizing the same feeling of color as that of new vehicles.

In general, automotive refinish coatings include clear coats, top coats, base coats, primers/surfacers and putties, based on well organized systematic coating process, which enables the same feeling of color as that of new cars. With recent growing interests in automotive maintenance and increasing demand of consumers seeking car aesthetics, there are growing demands for more environmentally-friendly and diversified products of premium colors. In line with this trend, we focus on developing and releasing coatings that meet TVOC regulations and high solid coatings with minimized organic solvents to protect customer health and the environment and also offer an optimal color-matching solution through our exclusive JEVISCO Refinish Color system. Through differentiated color technology and continuous development of environmentally-friendly water soluble coatings, we always strive to meet all customers’ expectations.

Product Range

Clear coats

  • Excellent coating formation and radiance
  • Remarkable durability, aesthetic color and brightness
  • Reduce application time and excellent exterior

Top coats

  • Superior gloss and High-Build
  • Excellent color match-up

Base coats

  • Fast curing and excellent coverage, great hiding and workability
  • Excellent color match up, non-metallic dirt and metallic control


  • Excellent solvent resistance
  • Superlative adhesion
  • Easy filling of irregularities in the substrates (High-build)
  • Super fast drying, easy sanding and abrasion, reducing work time


  • Outstanding grain filling, easy sanding, fast drying and abrasion, reducing work time
  • Excellent spatula workability and smooth exterior surfaces after coating

Thinners & Additives

  • Superlative solvency on the boundaries of coating
  • Added to a coating to provide adherence and flexibility in curing
  • No influence on the properties of a coating when mixed
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