KCI changes its name to KANGNAM JEVISCO 2015.12.28

- Renames its main brand ‘KCI’ to ‘JEVISCO’

- The new CI/BI will be applied starting from 2016

According to KANGNAM Group’s main affiliate Kunsul Chemical Industrial, which is famous for ‘KCI’, the company will change its name to KANGNAM JEVISCO ( and rename its main brand ‘KCI’ to ‘JEVISCO’ in celebration of the 70th anniversary of its foundation this year.

Since the late Chairman Hak-gu Hwang founded NamSun Paint Store in December 1945, KANGNAM JEVISCO has provided leading technology and quality as well as eco-friendly paint solutions throughout all industrial fields such as architecture, home appliances, woodworking, automobiles and ships.

‘JEVISCO’ is a compound word of ‘Jevi’s Coating’, which is the English representation of ‘KCI’, that embodies the will to take a bold leap forward into becoming the sustainable and innovative leader of the paint industry while inheriting the value of ‘KCI’ that has secured its place as Korea’s leading paint brand. The renewed symbol logo indicates the enterprising spirit and dynamic corporate culture of KANGNAM Group that seeks to contribute to the development and happiness of humanity with the wisdom, quick flight and tenacity of ‘swallows’ that fly for long distances.

“The renaming of the company and CI/BI renewal hold significance for establishing the framework for the company to become 100 years old, by preparing for the new leap forward of the global brand and the next 30 years,” said a company official. “We will continue to create value through customer satisfaction based on constant R&D and quality improvement.”

KANGNAM JEVISCO has been carrying the CI/BI renewal project forward since earlier this year, and the new CI and BI will be gradually applied to the products and store signage starting in 2016.  





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