KCI enters into business agreement with KIOST 2015.11.20

KCI and the Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology (KIOST) agreed to undergo a joint project for development and commercialization of environmentally-friendly amphiphilic antifouling coatings used to prevent aquatic flora and fauna from attaching to ship hulls or surfaces of marine structures. On November 18th, Woo Ki-suk, CEO of Kunsul Chemical Industrial, and Hong Gi-hoon, president of KIOST, met together at the main office of KIOST in Ansan, Gyeonggi Province, and signed a business agreement pursuant to this joint effort.

KCI is planning to pursue commercialization and technology transfer by utilizing its own application techniques and KIOST's seawater deposition site and test equipment. Environmentally-friendly amphiphilic antifouling coating is a marine coating that provides performance similar to that of silicon antifouling coating, and is expected to bring about a power shift in the marine coating industry and contribute to the protection of marine environments. 

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