KANGNAM JEVISCO is in schedule to release ‘Purunsol Antivirus’ Paint 2021.04.07

KANGNAM JEVISCO is in schedule to release ‘Purunsol Antivirus’ Paint

▶Passed the test with excellent performance of higher than 99.98% reduction of virus and bacteria

KANGNAM JEVISCO Co., Ltd ( has announced that the test on the antivirus paint shall be completed and the product is scheduled to be released.

JEVISCO’s antivirus paint has been developed by using special antivirus agent of excellent stability and continuity. Through the professional agency of ‘Korea Research Institute of Bio Medicine’, it has been confirmed that 99.98% of virus was destroyed when virus is in contact with the coating layer of the paint.

In addition, it is said product has received the verification through KCL (Korea Conformity Laboratories) for the antifungal performance as well as for the antibacterial performance against bacterium such as colon bacillus, Bacillus pyocyaneus, and staphylococcus aureus. Based on the eco-friendly feature, it provides excellent and convenient work environment with excellent concealment power and helps to maintain clean indoor space as it is equipped with anti-contamination function.

The authority of KANGNAM JEVISCO said, “Including ‘Purunsol One Coat Antibacterial Paint’ for construction purpose, JEVISCO has continuously developed and released antibacterial paints that are applicable to various materials such as eco-friendly interior paint ‘Dream Coat’, ‘Aqua Stain’ and ‘Oil Stain’ for lumber, UV paint ‘Beam Coat UV’ for PVC tiles, UV paint ‘Beam Coat#1395’ for flooring, and PCM paint ‘KCP900’ for cold storage.” He said, “Through the release of present new product, along with antibacterial and antifungal paints, we have been equipped with the lineup of high performance paints that can remove hazardous bacteria on human body including virus.” He announced, “The present developed antivirus paint will be released with the name ‘Purunsol Antivirus’ expecting that it will help creating pleasant and safe indoor environment based on the eco-friendly feature.

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