KANGNAM JEVISCO launched best color collection for eco-friendly urban design 2018.04.26

■ Focus on most widely used colors in architectural design

KANGNAM JEVISCO launched the best color collection, made by selecting colors with high usage in interior designs as well as exterior designs.

In order to achieve higher usage, the best color collection includes 240 colors finely selected from the master color collection (launched in 2017) that has been praised by the industry and academia, and 98 colors of on-going products by JEVISCO.

Each of the 240 colors listed in the best color collection applies a unique color naming system in Korea and the color story delivers the meanings and utilization methods of each color to help non-professionals to easily and quickly coat and to enable broader application in interior and exterior design for professionals.

The best color collection is expected to help create sophisticated and luxurious color design in combination of the seven color harmony manuals in the master color collection.

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