KANGNAM JEVISCO launched eco-friendly coating ‘Super Aqua’ for auto refinish 2018.04.03

■ Eco-friendly water-soluble base coating in response to domestic and overseas TVOC regulations

KANGNAM JEVISCO launched an eco-friendly water-soluble base coating ‘Super Aqua’ for auto refinish from independent R&D.

‘Super Aqua’ scores under TVOC 150g/L and is suitable for domestic and overseas TVOC regulations. This eco-friendly coating minimizes the use of organic solvents, improves working environment and protects user’s health. Also, through precise raw color management, colors of various car models in and out of Korea can be implemented. Super Aqua, shaking type, does not require mixing, and offers excellent workability and fast drying.

‘Super Aqua’ is expected to receive positive response in the industry users for its high storage stability and more affordable prices compared to equivalent products by competitors. ‘JEVISCO Refinish’, auto refinish brand by KANGNAM JEVISCO will continue to lead eco-friendly coating development that meets market and customer needs through R&D.

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