KANGNAM JEVISCO launched two premium stain products 2017.08.23

■‘Aqua Stain’ & ‘Oil Stain’ with enhanced workability and protection

KANGNAM JEVISCO launched premium stain products with enhanced functions from its conventional products that were popular among wood coating users.

JEVISCO premium stains consist of Aqua Stain (water-soluble) and Oil Stain (oil-soluble), and each retains beautiful appearance of wood surface for a longer period through development of enhanced substate protection and premium and diverse colors.

Eco-friendly certified Aqua Stain provides easy workability, protection against harmful materials and UV rays, quick drying, almost no odors, and excellent durability. Aqua Stain is suitable both indoors and outdoors such as decks, fences, furniture and wooden crafts.

Oil Stain has reduced odors and enhanced pigmentation of existing oil stain products, and it also offers excellent penetration. With excellent weather-resistance, water-repellency and preservative properties, it protects wooden surface from moisture and decaying, and provides powerful wood protection against discoloration and fading. Oil Stain is best suited for coating exterior facilities such as wooden housing including Hanok(Traditional Korean-style house), pavilions and park benches.


Personnel of KANGNAM JEVISCO said “We expect Aqua Stain and Oil Stain will bring a new wave in the wood coating market with enhanced workability and protection.”

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